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Pros & Cons of DIY Web Design

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You need a website.

So, why hire a professional web designer when you can just do it yourself?

First things first, a website is much more than just the pages you see.
Some things that go into developing a website that you mightn’t have considered are;
A URL – The address of your website.
Hosting Package – What servers are you going to host your site with?• FTP Client – How you upload and manage website files and assets
E-mail addresses and mail clients – when “yourbusinessname” won’t cut it.
Search Engine Optimization – How are you going to ensure that your site appears in search engine results?
Security vulnerabilities – Preventative and reactive measures taken to reduce risk of attacks
Backup management – For when the inevitable happens
The design process – How is the site going to be designed? WUSIWUG editors / CMS / HTML & CSS…?
There are services that clump a lot of these aspects together that are tailored to those who want to do a bit of website DIY.
So, yes you can build your own website, but should you?

Pros & Cons of doing it yourself:



I’m a firm believer in having a go at things myself. You learn something new, and when it’s all finished you have the satisfaction that it’s something you did yourself.
The benefits of developing your own website are;
• Low Cost
Total Control


Some of the negatives about designing your own site are;
Learning Curve – This web design lark is harder than it looks, and if you want a professional website, ideally you would want a professional to design it.
Total ControlYes, this is also a con. As any designer will tell you, clients tend to request things that are not necessarily as good ideas as they would think they are. Your logo is big enough. That text doesn’t need to flash. No, you don’t need a weather module.
Upkeep – You’re never finished. Sites need updated, things need patched, standards change and you need to keep on top of these things.
Things go wrong - but that’s fine if you know how to fix them.
Time – Even relatively small sites can be a real time-suck, particularly if you are learning as you go.
Not Optimised – DIY design will likely lack search engine optimization, not be as dynamically fluid across mobile and desktop devices, or potentiality be as secure.
Lacks professional input – Once you’ve been around the block a few times you know what works and what doesn’t, and you’ve had a chance to make your mistakes. Going at it alone and you’re potentially missing out on some sage professional advice and direction.
Like anything else with web design, for the most part you get what you pay for.

Words of warning

Recently I was decorating my son’s bedroom, and I wanted to take a radiator off a wall so I could paint in behind it properly. I had considered calling a plumber to remove the radiator, but after doing a bit of Googling I thought that it looked straight forward enough and I’d give it a go myself.
This did not go as planned.
I did get the radiator off the wall, but I was left with a pipe gushing with water. I was home alone, and had to stop the water with my thumb, and meanwhile had to try and find the number for an emergency plumber, you know; someone who knew what they were doing.
burst pipe web banner2
You’re reading this, so you understand the importance of having a website. If you’re a business, a visitor who goes to your website could be “walking through your doors” the first time.
What impression do you want to give?

I can’t stress enough how you or your business perception is reflected on-line. If it’s important to you and you are in a position to do so, my advice would be to use the services of a professional.


Ultimately, can cut corners, you can do things on the cheap, you can totally design your website by yourself, but it might look it…

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