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The benefits of using a Freelance Designer.

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 So, you need a new website… what are your options?

If you are really serious about your web-presence and need an engaging site that attracts visitors, then you are going to need the help of a professional.

So, should you use a design studio or a freelance designer? Here are a few benefits of using freelance designers.



Freelance designers are generally much cheaper than studio counterparts.

Freelancers often work from home, pubs, cafes, or wherever suits them. This means they have comparatively low overheads and expenses that would be incurred by studios that pay salaries, rent and other overheads entailed in running business. Hiring freelancers can be a really a smart and an affordable option.



Flexibility is generally what draws freelancers to their line of work in the first place. Being your own boss means you can work when needed and when suits you best.

This is good for potential clients too, as freelancers won’t have set hours; this means you can get in touch any time of the day, and weekends!

Freelancers will work until the project is finished, not just 9-5.





“A camel is a horse designed by committee”

Sir Alec Issigonis – Designer of the Mini



That’s having a go at the camel, but I agree with the sentiment.

When a large group is involved in decision making, conflicting opinions and small changes here and there will dilute the overall initial vision for a finished design. By satisfying all parties, you make compromises.

By freelancer and client working one-on-one, innovative ideas are able to thrive. Chances are if you are going to take on a freelancer, you have an idea of their previous work and what their style is, and that is where you draw your vision from.




As a freelancer, you must always be producing your best work. You can’t take a backseat or sink into the crowd as you might in a team, or you won’t be freelancing for very long. I am literally putting my name on my work so I have to be satisfied with it, and I’m hard to please!


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