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Is NO website, better than a BAD one?

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 Well yeah… sort of!

Firstly I need to clarify what a “bad website” actually is. Of course it’s subjective, but it’s safe to say that a site that’s garish, shoddily put together, doesn’t have the information you need or just generally feels of poor quality could be considered a “bad website”. Sites that are never updated and feel abandoned can also slip into this category…


Why do you have a site in the first place? If you run a business and have a website the chances are that your site is being used to either sell something, promote something, or act as a repository for information. But, if you have a poor quality site are you really conveying your message, or could you actually be doing more harm than good?


How many times have you visited a website and made thought:





Questionable design, weather modules, poor use of colour, scrolling banners, date and time stamps and quote of the day banners could really be hurting your website, and your business. 


Do you remember websites from the 90’s that looked like this:




Well we’ve come a long long way, but were still not perfect.

It’s a common misconception that “something is better than nothing”, but that’s not always true. The only purpose of your website might be merely to provide contact details and basic info, to act as a sedentary advertisement. It may only be used to say “hey, we exist” or “we are here”, and if that’s the case and your current site is poor: take it down.


Bad websites scream unprofessionalism. I know that’s not a fair reflection of your business, but it’s how you’re being perceived. Bad websites say “I don’t know what I’m doing”, or worse “I don’t care”. These are sentiments no business wants to portray.




Facebook, Yelp, Yellow pages etc. will get your business listed on search engines results and people will be able to find you without an offending website. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.


How your business is perceived online is really important, and I can’t stress this enough. The first time someone’s enters your business mightn’t necessary be on the high street anymore.  There is almost an expectation that any viable business will now have some level of web presence (see last blog).  If your business has something more to offer, if your message is more than just simply “I exist” then why not do your business justice with the kind of professional website that it deserves?



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